TV personality Ntando Duma has no time to entertain pesky questions about whether she's had plastic surgery.

One follower who questioned Ntando learnt this the hard way.
"Are your boobs real?" questioned a follower.
Ntando responded with a stinging clapback. "No they're not! I did them yesterday at 10.38 am in Joburg CBD," said Ntando.
The follower tried to redeem herself by letting Ntando know that she was being genuine and was a fan.
Even though Ntando accepted the fan's love, she stood firm on being asked "stupid" questions.
"Thank you however some questions are quite exhausting and really need one to think about them before taking them to the next person. Thank you for the love,I receive and send it back right back at you," Ntando added.
And then she flaunted her smoking-hot body in a bikini- just to prove her point!