Back in 2016, Nonhle Thema announced her retirement from the entertainment industry to everyone’s surprise. Now the mom of one is crediting Bonang Matheba for her rescuing her. Nonhle Thema grateful to Bonang for relieving her.

Nonhle Thema Grateful To Bonang For Relieving Her

In an exclusive interview with Tbo Touch, Nonhle says Bonang stepping up her game to become the IT girl allowed her people to shift focus from her to Bonang.

“I was done with this IT girl thing when Bonang really stepped up, I was like WHOAH! she saved me, because honestly, I was at the pinnacle of the industry as a female, especially when I did my reality show,” she said.

“I was the go to person and then I also fed the media so I was the media frenzy, I liked dating rappers, I was everything, the package, not knowing that I was losing my soul through it all because I became somebody that I wasn’t really. So I was really happy when the IT girl titled was relinquished from me.”

Nonhle says she was done being a groupie for rappers and chasing pop culture. “The old me is gone, I have no desire to sit and interview rappers or sit and interview celebrity culture that much because I’ve been there.”