SHE’S the minister of Water. But she’s thirsty for love . . . AND A BEN 10 KEEPS HER SATISFIED!

These astounding allegations keep Mzansi’s political rumour mill grinding.

Sources claim former Gauteng premier Nomvula Mokonyane has found herself a thirst-quenching younger man: Luvo Makasi.

They claim he helps her in the office.
Insiders in her ministry also allege that Mokonyane was close to certain young men, but dumped them when her alleged personal relationship with Luvo began to heat up.

One insider goes so far as to claim that the minister jumps when Luvo calls. “She’ll stop everything to go and attend to him. He’s the boss both in and out of the office,” the source alleged.

“The man came from nowhere and just took over! He’s responsible for making payments and whatever he says goes. Mama listens to him and his word is final.”

Another government source claimed: “People are resigning because of this relationship, because it’s quite unethical. Every day of our lives, serious departmental decisions are taken by this young man.

“What if he takes a wrong decision that puts Mama in jail one day? You can’t mix business with pleasure!”

An anonymous official in Mokonyane’s department allegedly wrote to the Hawks, requesting a corruption investigation.

These serious allegations also reached the EFF.

Deputy president of the party, Floyd Shivambu, wrote to the ministry of water and sanitation and speaker of parliament to express his concern.

Sunday Sun is in possession of his letter, which reads, in part: “Does the Minister of Water and Sanitation know of a Mr Luvo Makasi, who reportedly approves payments and contracts for the
department of Water and Sanitation, despite not being employed by the department or ministry of water and sanitation? Did the minister refer any contractors who were inquiring about payment to Mr Luvo Makasi? If yes, why?”

Shivambu also asked the ministry if the department was being taken to court for non-payment of

As if that wasn’t enough for Luvo’s alleged sugar mama, EFF Commander in Chief Julius Malema took to Twitter and questioned Mokonyane and Luvo’s relationship.

Mokonyane’s office released a statement regarding the issue and confirmed they had received the EFF’s letter which reads in part: “The Office of the Minister of Water and Sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane, received a letter from the Chief Whip of the EFF, Mr Floyd Shivambu, which has subsequently been leaked via social media to the public and the media.

“In it, an implied allegation that a certain individual, with a close relationship with the minister, is influencing departmental programmes and procurement.”

In the statement, the minister also denied Luvo could be involved in operational and decision-making processes of the department, as he was not an employee at the department.

“The allegations, as implied, are aimed at tarnishing the name and good image of the minister with an intention to distract her from her responsibilities for nefarious political ends.

“The minister rejects the allegations as unfounded, without factual basis and refuses to be intimidated by such actions for the benefit of EFF financial and political interests and those whose financial fortunes they seek to bolster by such action.”

Luvo could not be reached for comment.

The People’s Paper once reported that while the minister of Water and Sanitation, Mokonyane was Gauteng premier, her husband didn’ t share the official residence with her.

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