This is a very nutritious and mouth-watering meal carefully arranged to paint a vivid picture of a n@de female lying down. In case you are romantic having ideas in your head, this is not what it exactly looks like. It’s a combination of a balanced diet that edifies the body richly.

It is an interesting combination of 

  1. fried Chicken, 
  2. boiled eggs with macaroni and 
  3. cheese garnished 
  4. grated carrots 
as shared by a social media influencer, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo.

According to her, the image which featured on her #Hnns*x session was creatively prepared by her friend, Kabynkax.

“My friend Kabynkax just cooked your meal. She wants to know what part you’ll be eating FIRST! #hnnfood I’m not liable for what your girlfriend does to you.Fried Chicken, boiled eggs with macaroni and cheese garnished with grated carrots.” she captioned the photo .