FOR the past two months, Mercia says she has been trying to run away from a horny Ben 10. She told Daily Sun that Phuti Stati (25) has been pleading for her punani.

“He told me he wanted my punani and that he was serious about it,” claimed Mercia Mantsoe of Katlehong, Ekurhuleni.

The 43-year-old claimed when she told the boy she didn’t want to be sexually involved with him last week, he lost his cool and started swearing at her.

“He called me names before breaking all the windows in my house.”

Now Mercia claimed she and her children live in fear of the horny man.

“He wants punani so badly that he could do anything. Who knows what else he could do to us while we sleep as the house has no windows.

“This means he could gain access any time,” said Mercia.

She said she saw Phuti as her child.

“Not so long ago, he used to play in my yard with my children, and today he wants to be their stepfather! This is out of order.”

Mercia claimed she tried to speak to his family but none of them showed any interest in her story. “That’s why I decided to call Daily Sun. Maybe someone will know what to do in a situation like this.”

While the SunTeam was still interviewing Mercia, Phuti was seen standing in his yard and the SunTeam spoke to him. He denied Mercia’s claims.

“Why would I want an old woman like that. I am young and I love my body.”

He said Mercia was crazy to think that he wanted her.

Katlehong police spokesman Captain Mega Ndobe said a case of malicious damage to property was opened at Katlehong Police Station.
Source: Daily Sun