LITTLE birdies are chirping about how one of Cupid’s arrows has allegedly struck man-of-the-moment Afro-pop crooner Musa Sukwene’s backside.

And as the rumour mill would have it, Rorisang Thandekiso, the presenter of SABC1 pop culture TV show Mzansi Insider, is the lucky lady in question.

And if these birdies’ tweets are anything to go by, then the Mthande hitmaker could even possibly attribute his recent “love vibes” music chart-busting success to Rorisang.

Eager to learn details of these developments, the SunTeam sought comment from “Mr Romance”, as Musa is affectionately known, only to hear him deny the allegations.

“She’s just a friend,” Musa said.

“I’m not denying knowing her or anything, but she’s a very good friend of mine.”

But close sources told of a romantic escapade, featuring the alleged lovebirds.

“He’s crazy about Rorisang. They are happy together. He even posted a picture of them together somewhere in Jozi, where they had gone out for lunch,” the first source claimed.

“In that post, he declared his love for Rorisang and stated that she was his future wife and queen. But I don’t know when they’re coming out.”

Another source said: “It’s cute that they have found each other. They look good together.