UK author Jamie Bartlett has apparently been inundated with requests for interviews since news broke that his South African namesake had been hijacked.

South African actor Jamie Bartlett made headlines this week after it emerged that he was hijacked in Brixton, Johannesburg last Friday.

Since then concerned friends and fans have been scouring social media to find out how the Rhythm City actor is doing.

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It seems the news of the hijacking crossed South African borders and made its way to the UK, where an author by the same name was apparently asked about the incident.

The other Jamie took to Twitter on Wednesday to reassure fans that he was not in a "car jacking" and that he would therefore not be taking any interviews on the incident.

The South African Jamie has also declined all requests for interviews. A statement from said that Jamie was well and recovering.
This is not the first time that international Twitter users have been mistaken for South African celebs.
UK Twitter user Maggz, who shares a name with a South African musician, trended locally in 2014 when she changed her bio on Twitter to read; "I am not some bloody rapper from South Africa".

Another UK user had to issue a similar disclaimer after South African fans mistook him for rapper AKA.