The real Menzi Ngubane is not the 'don't mess with me guy' you always see on TV, at least not to his wife.

We bet you've never imagined Menzi Ngubane playing an overly mushy, cute character right? But to his wife he's all that and more, not the scary dude you always see on TV.

Speaking to DRUM his wife Sibi shared that contrary to what many may believe, Menzi is actually "a shy and very loving man".

She added that Menzi is the exact opposite of most of the characters he is chosen to portray. IWhile the rest of us shiver at the thought of crossing "Mighty N'gamla" as he was known on Generations, his wife knows a different Menzi all together.

To her Menzi is her very own "teddy bear".

Siba gets emotional when she reminisces about all the gifts that her and her daughter have been showered with. The gifts included the car of her dreams (a Mercedes) that Menzi surprised her with. The car matched every detail she had ever told her man about.

"I saw the MaNgubs number plate and I almost fainted," she told the publication.

Ncaw... We can see why he is your teddy bear, MaNgubs!