Family and friends of Lundi Tyamara have rallied to dismiss reports that the gospel singer was broke and kicked out of his house of not paying rent.

Sunday World reported that Lundi was penniless when he died, had to borrow money from people and was staying with his manager because he had been evicted.
On the day that he died, family and friends told TshisaLIVE that the claims come hand in hand when a "black celebrity dies."
"It's predictable. Black community members like to spread rumours on things that they think are true and tell these things to journalists. It's very sad that the truth isn't told. Lundi was not broke."s.
"He had his own home and it was only when he was sick that he moved in with his manager, Anele. Anele would often go to his house to sleep there. Everybody has their problems. Lundi wasn't flush but he made money," said an insider.

Lundi has returned from a trip to China in November when he fell ill and was admitted to hospital. He died in January after being diagnosed with liver problems and stomach TB.
"So he went to China but was broke? No man. Nobody knows his financial situation and people are just guessing now," added a source.