Whilst Khanyi Mbau doesn’t keep her relationship with Tebogo private, she doesn’t reveal much either. Leave it to her man to do the gushing on social media. Tebogo Lerole takes time to appreciate his lady Khanyi Mbau.

It didn’t take Valentine’s Day for Tebogo to gush about his lady love and how she inspires him. “This here human always makes me believe… She’s my constant reminder that life has no limits and all that we see with our naked eye is attainable; and the impossible is possible,’ he captioned a lovey-dovey photo of them together.

But it’s not all serious in this relationship, Tebogo shares how they enjoy and have fun together. “Wish you knew half of the mischief we get up to when we are together, just like matches and petrol. The madness in her system has gotten me ill too,” he wrote.