One person died and 11 more were injured in an accident on the N1 in Midrand‚ Johannesburg‚ this morning when a minibus taxi rolled‚ due to a tyre burst‚ according to paramedics and motorists.

Paramedics arrived on the scene to find that one person had sustained fatal injuries‚" Emer-G-Med spokesperson Max Cohen said.
"Eleven others sustained injuries ranging from minor to critical. Two patients sustained critical injuries and required Advanced Life Support intervention. They were placed on full life support while a medical helicopter was called to the scene‚ to airlift one of them to a specialist trauma hospital in Johannesburg.
"Two other patients sustained serious injuries and also required Advanced Life Support care. The remaining seven sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate."

The taxi rolled after the driver lost control when a tyre burst. Photo: Emer-G-med

Motorists who witnessed the accident shared their shock.
"I was behind it. Deeply traumatising. RIP‚" medical rep Rashmi Thomas tweeted. "Looks like the wheel of the taxi came off. Bodies on the road."

“Horrible fatal accident on N1 south before Allendale. Bodies thrown on opposite directions. N1 north also affected‚” business development manager Nkateko Mabindisa posted.

Emer-G-Med said its paramedics arrived on the scene at 10.18am. They said a taxi had rolled‚ after the driver lost control when a tyre burst.
The accident occurred on the N1 South between Allandale Road and the Buccleuch Interchange in Midrand.
The Air Trauma Response Team arrives at the scene. Photo: Emer-G-med
Motorists can expect heavy delays as the highway has been closed‚ according to Emer-G-med.