Nordstrom has revealed that they will stop carrying Ivanka Trump's brand. This comes after the Grab Your Wallet campaign, which called for shoppers to boycott retailers that carry Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump goods.
The department store chain which offers thousands of brands revealed that they decided to remove Ivanka's brand from their site due to poor sales.

“We’ve said all along we make buying decisions based on performance. In this case, based on the brand’s performance, we’ve decided not to buy it for this season,” a statement from the company read.
However, some believe the brand might have been pulled off due to pressure from the #GrabYourWallet campaign. The co-founder of the campaign, Shannon Coulter, felt so too and gleefully shared the news on her Twitter accounts, thanking supporters of the campaign for making it happen.
“I am absolutely thrilled, and I know the vast majority of Grab Your Wallet participants will be as well,” said Shannon Coulter.
Nordstrom was one of the first retail partners to stock Ivanka's footwears, and they had earlier faced criticisms from the Grab Your Wallet campaigners who tried to force the store to drop brands that belong to the Trumps.
In reaction to the criticisms, in November last year, Pete Nordstroms, Co-president of Nordstrom, defended its decision to sell Trump products.
“This is a sharply divisive subject. No matter what we do, we are going to end up disappointing some of our customers. Every single brand we offer is evaluated on their results -- if people don’t buy it, we won’t sell it.” Nordstrom said.
The company went on to post a response on Twitter to an open letter calling for Nordstrom to stop selling the Trump brand.
“We hope that offering a vendor’s products isn’t misunderstood as us taking a political position; we’re not. We recognize our customers can make choices about what they purchase based on personal views and we’ll continue to give them options.”
If the statement by Nordstrom is anything to go by, then it appears the customers made good on their threat and stopped buying, leading to a drop in sales, hence the decision by Nordstrom.