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Here's how J'Something deals with negativity

It's a new year, he's head over heels in love and ibusy making hits. So J'Something has no space in his life for negativity.

The Mi Casa singer has come up with a plan on how he plans to tackle negativity this year, and was kind enough to share that plan with fans.
J said that this year he is all about positivity and intends to remind himself of that when negativity is thrown into his life.
"This year all I am after is positivity. Spending time with myself. Reminding myself to have a positive outlook on life and its dealings. Funny thing is the more positive you want to be the more negativity comes your way."
J believed that maybe negative curve balls are all part of a plan to be more prepared in future.
"I believe this is Gods way of training me. How do you or I become more positive if you are not thrown negative? So next time you trying to have a positive outlook on something and are struggling to find it, remember that, that negativity is there to train you to become more positive."
Thanks for sharing J!

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