A fake Nomzamo Mbatha Facebook page has been sharing some 'dodgy' advice on everything from getting revenge on an ex to how to treat guys with no cars.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day yesterday the page posing to be Nomzamo offered followers advice on how to deal with exes.

Alongside a picture of Nomzamo in a bikini, the fraudster told fans how to get revenge on their ex-girlfriends, who dumped them because they didn't have money.

"If that girl who left you because you didn't have money, and now that you have money she is begging you to take her back before Valentine....My brother just agree and forgive her, take her for shopping and let her pick the most expensive dress. While she is in the fitting room take her wallet and those clothes she was wearing and leave that place my brother put your phone on airplane mode go home and sleep," read the post.

Nomzamo said that she has reported the page, which has almost 100,000 likes to Facebook to get it deactivated.