Actor Thabo Rametsi has accused Facebook of double standards after the social media site removed a meme about 'white people stealing South African land'.

The post, which was originally shared by Thabo's friend, was removed by Facebook this week after it was found to have not followed the site's "community standards".

Thabo, who is best known for his lead role in the upcoming Solomon Mhalangu biopic Kalushi, expressed surprise and anger over the removal.

"Ok. So how is this so offensive that it must be removed? Ok. So, not all white people can't dance, heck I can't dance. But the rest is accurate and funny," Thabo wrote on Instagram.

He also questioned the fairness of Facebook's policies, which seemed to allow posts about American holiday Thanksgiving.

"If this is offensive and Thanksgiving as a holiday and historical event is allowed to be celebrated on social media as a celebration of a genocide, then Facebook either had double standards or it is just plain racist/politically bias.

So, it's okay to say 'happy genocide, rape and land theft day...let's have a turkey', but we can't joke around about the fact that our land is stolen?," Thabo asked.

Thabo told TshisaLIVE that the comments he shared about the Facebook removal had also been taken down by Instagram.

"I have seen so many other more offensive things on Facebook. I don't understand why it had to be removed. It also says a lot about Facebook and Instagram's censorship of people's expression of self, especially the value of young black people," he said.