HOUSE, Afropop and jazz singer Dr Malinga has been discharged from hospital.
The writer and singer, whose song Akulaleki was very popular during the festive season, was admitted for exhaustion on Wednesday.
Dr Malinga is best known for his highly energetic performances and his trademark high kick.
He said he received medication via a drip to help boost his overworked body.
Speaking to Daily Sun, he said: “I have been working hard.
“I give it my all on stage, but I never take time off for myself.”
He said he had been at a salon having his hair cut when he started to feel weak.
“My head was suddenly painful and that is when I was taken to hospital.
“I am one of the artists who is most often booked. Promoters know that people enjoy my sets and I never drop the ball.
“I know what it’s like growing up in poverty, so I work hard for my family. But I did not realise that I was not taking care of myself.”
His advice to fellow artists is that they should take time off and listen to their bodies. The star has been advised by doctors to stay off his feet for a while.