The Chairman of the Club, Dr Irvin Khoza, will host a press conference this morning at 11H00

The Chairman of the Club, Dr Irvin Khoza, has arrived and the press conference proceedings will now commence. This is an unusual day for the Club & today we meet to address a matter that should not happen in our football. Violence is not an answer; violence diminishes any legitimate reasons in any protest situation. I pronounce here today, clearly & unequivocally, that we support the law in taking full action against the perpetrators"

Dr Khoza: "A 6-1 loss for this Club is unacceptable; to follow that up with a 6-0 loss... I'll be meeting the Technical Team about this. Next week Monday we will be announcing a new coach. We were restricted to do so in January by prohibitive Buy-out Clauses. Next week Monday we will be announcing a new coach. We were restricted to do so in January by prohibitive Buy-out Clauses. It's not easy to find a coach for the Club, and even less so when people you are looking for are held by contract obligations.

I want to thank the police who opened this investigation. I hope SABC & SS will assist with footage to get to the bottom of this. There are challenges with this game because it was categorised as a Category B, which calls into account the security contingent

Dr Khoza: I can't comment too much on the security aspects because we are waiting on the final report. We have asked for them. I won't comment on behalf of the PSL because any decision made will be derived from the Disciplinary Committee process.

Brazil was beaten 7-0 by Germany in the World Cup; Arsenal was beaten 8-2... it happens. It doesn't make it OK but it happens. We learn from each result & for us, more so in the 80th year, we need to take stock of this & deal with the realities & truths. The matter is debatable in terms of charging clubs; the reality is that they are not included in the security plans. Everyone has a role to play across all levels & we need to look at that holistically so we can respond accordingly as a Club. We need to address issues in the correct manner so that invasions & other such acts of violence don't become commonplace in SA. I don't know of any reports that the players were injured; I know that the coach is in shock but there is nothing more.

I met with the Technical Team & have also been meeting the players 1v1 to understand what is happening, so there are no excuses. The coach we were looking for, that we promised to announce in January is now available in May. We won't wait that long. When the team wins, it's the players. When the team loses, it's the coach. The buck stops with me as Chairman, win or lose. It's only fair that from my meetings, Technical Team members & players are not pulling their weight, they should step aside.

It's easy to point fingers at Palacios because we are losing. You forget that he delivered us trophies when he came as a buffer.

I don't buy the story that Palacios is complaining about discipline in the team. If there's a problem then he must fix it

Palacios is a Prof. That's why he must guide us. Complaining of things you should be controlling shows your shortcomings