The show was centered around 32 Year old who has been single for 18 months.

He is looking for a woman that can stimulate him physcially and mentally, Jabu has no children, his last girlfriend left him for a soccer player.

The first hopeful was Bongiwe Mdladla, she is a 31 year old Risk Analyst, Bongiwe is looking for someone that can make her laugh, a guy that is funny & ambitious too.

We were side eyeing Bongiwe when she said the bachelor looks, "gayish", we do not know what that means, can anyone explain?

Bongiwe was not impressed with Jabu.

The second hopeful was 28 year old widow, Thandi who has a 5 year old daughter. She was the fan favorite, we love how confident and in charge she is.

Thandi was looking for a man that is independent, responsible, tall and handsome, she seemed to like the bachelor. We died when she said that he must come back with cows.

Talk about a lady that knows what she wants.

The third hopeful was 25 year old Liason Officer, Zeroli, she is looking for a man with a stable job but unfortunately she didnt get chosen

Jabu chose Bongiwe, the lady that was least interested in him, but that seemed to change when they met in person, the two seem to be hitting it off, we foresee a bright future for these two.

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