In a Date My Family first, we have two bachelors who are looking for love at the same time.

The bachelors seemed like really cool guys but we could not help but notice that they are both so obsessed with each other

The 24 year olds are both single because their previous partners wanted different things in life

The first bachelorette looking for love was Thandiwe from Carltonville, she has been single for 6 months.

Thandiwe is looking for a serious relationship, her ideal guy is a man that is tall and ambitious.

The date with her family went well, we were on the floor dying of laughter when Thandiwe's younger sister said she thought that the other guy was wearing a mask to look like the other, like seriously?

The family would like either one of the bachelors to come back, they really liked both guys for Thandiwe

The second Bachelorrete was Author, Yolanda from Mondeor.

The single mother of two has been single for over a year, she is looking for a guy that is willing to commit, "I am really not big on how a guy looks, I just like men with great personalities.

The bachelors seemed offish when they found out that Yolanda has 2 kids, it was a little awkward but Yolanda's friends saved the day by cracking joke, they were all fun and accommodating.

Unfortunately Yolanda was not chosen by any of the bachelors and we think it is because she has two children

The third bachelorrete was 25 year old Teacher, Zoleka.

She is looking for a good looking independent guy, describing her ideal man she said, "I want a guy that is not chubby, or slender, just right."

Does anybody know what "just right" means

The date with her family was just okay, they knew that Zoleka was not compatible with any of them.

Omphile chose Zoleka & his brother Ole went with Thandiwe.

The date between Zoleka and Omphile was awkward to watch, Zoleka seemed very angry and despite her dates efforts to cheer her up, nothing seemed to work

On the other side of the table, Ole & Thandiwe got along, they seemed really pleased with each other and spoke of possibly meeting in future.