She works at a College and has been single for over a year and 6 months

The first contestant was Nathi who lives in the Eastrand. Nathi is is an upcoming DJ who is looking for a wife.

He says that he is ready to settle down and live happily ever after, he considers himself a fun guy that would make a great boyfriend.

Nathi was the fan favorite with many Twitter users rooting for him

The second contestant was was adrenaline junkie Alpha. He is a Creative who is quirky.

He does not have a type, he is into all kinds of ladies, according to him, he isn't big on looks, which is why we were confused when the first thing he said about his match when he saw her is that she is a little on the "chubby" side.

Many women took to social media to praise him for his good looks, Nathi might have been the fan favorite, but Alpha is the women's choice for best looking

The final bachelor was Lerumo who wanted to give Sherelee an upgrade, we were living for Lerumo's outfits, that blazer he wore for the selection was life.

Lerumo could have won the date if his cousin had not messed it up by asking the bachelorrete about money repeatedly, she was really uncomfortable

The bachelorrete chose Alpha's family & the two seemed to be hitting off on their date. The flirting was so intense that they started playing footsie underneath the table while having dinner.