Samkelo Ndlovu gave it to this tweep

Best check your facts, spelling and grammar before you attempt to get into any kind of commentary next to actress Samkelo Ndlovu on Twitter. Else you'll be sh*t on...or be told to do it yourself!

So the ratings for the most watched shows on television were released for January 2017 and, as usual, tweeps had comments about it. But Esethu Hasane was not ready for the response she got from Samkelo over her "analysis" of the statistics.

She made an observation that, according to the numbers, SABC and Mzanzi Magic are "simply not competition."

Samkelo picked up the tweet and answered, "It's simple. Free TV vs Pay TV", adding an emoji of rolling eyes to the tweet. Esethu decided not to let her have the final word and went all Euphonik on the actress.

"Shit all of you can't read. I said THEY ARE NOT COMPETITION you bloody eye glass needing breeds of the African continent. Niyadika NONKE."

But Samkelo was having none of that, so she proceeded to conclude the conversation with a spicy clapback.

TV RATINGS SABC - 1 and DSTV Mzantsi Magic are simply not competition.