One of Beyonce's pregnancy pictures, featuring her daughter Blue Ivy, is a striking replica of Guido Reni s Reclining Venus With Cupid, which dates back to the 17th century

Beyonce the work of art: Queen Bey's pregnancy photo series echoes famous paintings featuring Venus and the Virgin Mary

Beyonce shared a series of photos Thursday following her twin pregnancy news
The pictures show her naked or in lingerie showcasing her new baby bump
Mirror classic works of art such as Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus
One photo with Blue Ivy calls to mind Guido Reni’s Reclining Venus With Cupid
Her main Instagram snap was also compared to various Virgin Mary paintings

Another snap showcases a topless Beyonce with her hand on her left breast and long hair that falls below her belly button. It calls to mind 15th-century Sandro Botticellis The Birth of Venus

Beyonce's pregnancy album contained a series of other shots, including family pictures and this photo for which she posed on top of a car filled with flowers

Beyonce's initial birth announcement photo, which has now dethroned Selena Gomez's Coke ad as the most liked picture on Instagram, also calls to mind classic paintings