NAKO should have known better! 
Buying his two sugar mammas identical red panties ended up in a public fight for all the villagers to see. 
Anako Faleni (18) of Nkontyweni Village, Mthatha is dating two sugar mammas in the village. 
He said: “I didn’t think they would find out I’d bought them the same gift.” 
He said he loves them both. The one sells magwinya, the other sells fruit. 
But things went wrong when one boasted to the other that she got red-hot underwear from her Ben 10. 
Soon hot klaps started flying and the two women were rolling on the ground, pulling hair and throwing punches. 
NomaJapan Ngqunge (41) said she wasn’t ashamed of their fight. 
“I love Anako. I give him free magwinya and he is good in bed. This fight will continue until he chooses the woman he loves the most.” 
Nozintombi Mthombo (38) doesn’t believe Anako bought them the same gift. 
“I’m convinced NomaJapan bought herself the panties so I’d fight with Anako. 
“If she doesn’t back off, my okapi will dance a gwara-gwara inside her punani,” she said. 
No police case was opened but community leader Joseph Mkhondo said they will call an imbizo. 
Nozintombi said a sangoma told her to dress a goat in the red panties to get her Ben 10 to dump NomaJapan.