Non-governmental organisation Section 27 on Friday condemned Friday's "shameful xenophobic march" by the Mamelodi Concerned Residents grouping in Pretoria

"It is reprehensible‚ shocking and appalling.

"There has already been reports of looting of foreign owned businesses and a lot of panic and concern."

Last Saturday‚ community members torched two houses in Pretoria West over allegations of drug peddling and sex work. Protesters said their targets were “brothels and drug dens” run by migrants from elsewhere in Africa. On Monday night‚ 20 foreign-owned shops were looted in Atteridgeville‚ Lotus Gardens and Mamelodi East‚ while residents in Rosettenville‚ south of Joburg‚ burnt down 12 houses. Last night several places were burnt and vehicles looted in Atteridgeville.

Section 27 said: "The organisers of the march have claimed the majority of people in South Africa had an issue with so-called foreigners occupying economic space which could be taken up by locals.

"We reject this xenophobic‚ shameful and hateful talk.

"... We have work colleagues from all over Africa and the world. Today‚ we stand up for them and others who are continuously targeted simply because they were born outside our borders. Hatred and xenophobia has no place in our country."