Aww, how nice it is when women support each other and show each other love? From Adele and Beyonce to Nandi and Minnie, these famous celebs are breaking the stereotype of women hating on each other. “Always saw you as my other sister,” Nandi to Minnie.

Minnie’s return to television was a big one, whilst other celebs remained mum, Nandi took to Instagram to celebrate her other sister’s achievements.

“Proud of my sister @minniedlamini on all her achievements! I’ve known you since we were little kids and you’ve always been ambitious and achieved so much. Always saw you as my other sister. Throughout the journey, ups and downs.. you continue to make me proud. Love the woman you’ve become.. may God continue to bless my sister Minnie Moo.❤️ Love you,’ Nandi wrote.

Aww, how sweet?!