If an artist has a couple of number one hits, over million views on YouTube videos, stays booked and has a few Awards to their name, you’d think they have money right? No, we don’t mean Beyonce rich but richer than the average South African. Turns out it’s not always the case, check out SA celebs who are not as rich as you think they are.

1. Fifi Cooper

Fifi Cooper recently took to Instagram to share with her fans how she was being cheated on financially by her former record label despite her hard work.

2. A -Reece

Whilst most rappers make at least R20k a show, A -Reece recently revealed he was getting less than R20k a month salary from his former record label.

3. Teko Modise

Teko was declared bankrupt back in 2015 thanks to his love for a luxurious lifestyle snazzy cars and various loans.

4. B3nchMarQ

The duo is part of the artists who left Ambitious Entertainment, safe to say they were getting less than what average SA rappers get.

5. Dineo Ranaka

Despite her entrepreneurial spirit, Dineo’s lifestyle on her reality show shows she’s not yet there.