It’s Valentine’s Day! Whilst most people celebrate romantic love on this day many also use the day to celebrate all kinds of relationships. If you haven’t figured out what to wear just yet, we got you. Check out these 5 local celeb inspired Valentine’s Day outfits.

1. Boity’s red jumpsuit is a perfect look for a Valentine’s Day date especially if it’s a first date. Showing off your gorgeous body without revealing much.

2. I know you’re thinking black on V-Day? Yes, a little black dress with a little lace like Amanda’s is perfect for a girls night out on Valentine’s Day

3. For us in Africa, it’s mostly sunny on Valentine’s Day, if you’re thinking to hit the beach, we love this classic polka dot red and whit bikini Minnie has. Perfect for a fun loved up date at the beach or by the pool.

4. For a romantic night, we love this deep red sleeveless lace dress Minnie got. Maybe without the trail but it’s perfect for V-Day with bae.
5. Don’t have a Valentine’s Day date? This look is perfect for a day out with your girls on Valentine’s Day. It’s fun and flirty, you never know, you might end up meeting someone on V-Day.