AKA’s new love song “Caiphus Song” has his relation with Bonang written all over it. The song gives an inside look into their relationship from the beginning from AKA’s side. Juicy and sweet is what you call it. 10 revelations about AKA’s and Bonang’s relationship in Caiphus Song.

10 Revelations About AKA’s And Bonang’s Relationship In Caiphus Song

1. “Running outta things I could prove myself,” AKA on trying to make things right.

2. “But you ain’t got a problem spending cheese I get,” It seems Bonang doesn’t mind being spoilt.

3. “You either make me a plate when I pull up at your place to bring your shit back,” AKA on how they always end up making up when they try to end things off.

4. “But I don’t buy face I buy sick bags,” AKA on his expensive gifts to Bonang.

5. “You was even in my video. See I wanted you for a long time. Couple years later now you’re all mine,” AKA on how he had been eyeing Bonang for a long time.

6. “Way too independent for your own good,” AKA on how Bonang’s independence affect their relationship.

7. “Maybe that’s the reason we started the season off on the wrong foot,” AKA hints at how they might have started their relationship on a not so positive note.

8. “Now all of a sudden my chick wanna leave,” AKA hints at how Bonang tried to leave him.

9. “You never sided Nyovest. Even if you North West like Kanye’s lil’ one,” AKA applauds Bonang for not taking Cassper’s side who is her homeboy from North West.

10. “I know baby mama is where the stress at,” AKA seems to be suggesting most of the tress in his relationship with Bonang comes from Zinhle.