Zoleka Mandela is not shy about sharing personal moments about her life. When she was undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Zoleka openly documented the horrid side-effects.

While asking a women's weight is just not done, Zoleka posted a picture of herself on a scale, revealing that she weighs just under 80kgs.

Since the end of last year she has spoken about wanting to get back to 70kgs and posted pictures of herself when she was in better shape.

In an effort to get motivated and rally her fans behind her, Zoleka decided to share her journey and has posted pictures of her body. She has already come a long way and has lost around 7kgs.
"My FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area) is my problem area, actually my whole stomach as you can see so I don't quite know where to place the tape," she wrote next to a picture of herself doing her measurements.