– After dropping out of university in 2007, Zoleka Mandela, granddaughter to the late Nelson Mandela, has decided to finish her degree.

The writer shared a lengthy post on Instagram talking about her time as a psychology student, and the events that led to her dropping out.

"I never attended classes and instead chose the very things that made 2007 another year where I would waste the monies spent on my education – boys, sex, cocaine, and alcohol! No, there was a whole lot of weed and ecstacy too, (sic)" she wrote.

After coming so close to completing her degree, Zoleka admits that she is heartbroken at the thought of the time and energy she "squandered," as well as the money her grandmother, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, poured into her studies.

"I think it still pains her to this day and I’m remembering how my late grandfather asked that I please get my first degree in South Africa and to then further my studies anywhere in the world at his expense."

Making the decision to turn things around, Zoleka added, "I’m going to complete my degree and not wait for another grandparent or child of mine to leave this earth before I graduate!"

As for Winnie paying her fees, Zoleka says she "won’t let her".

"I paid all my fees for this year alone with my own money!"