Zahara has come under fire from the gay community for being a hypocrite. The singer took to Instagram to share her two cents on the Somizi and Grace Bible Church scandal. Zahara weighs in on Grace Bible Church scandal.

Whilst most celebs celebs slammed the Pastor who preached an ignorant at the Grace Bible Church, Zahara has a different view to the situation.

“guys you go to church and read the same Bible you brought yourself. so dont be choosy when in comes to your sins. go write your own Bible,” Zahara wrote on Instagram.

Her message wasn’t well received with people leaving comments sharing how dissapointed they were with her remarks. “I thought you had some level of intelligence yazi…We chilled at your house had a one on one and it was only gay people…Wait,isnt your own cousin gay kanene?If you want to take a jab @somizi then do so but not at our expense sisi…,” one wrote.

“Sorry, Zahara, sisi, the day you use proper English vocab and punctuation, is the day, youll decide to stop getting drugs, have a baby, get married, after getting a gay friend, you might see the sun, oh and proper foundation!!!!!!!!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎,” another one wrote.