AWARD-WINNING singer Zahara has allegedly suffered a social media baptism of fire.
This, sources said, after she found herself locked in a war of words on Twitter with popular stylist, Dumi Gwebu.
Sources claimed the twar was sparked when Zahara jumped on the band wagon of tweeps commenting on Somizi Mhlongo’s church
walk-out this week.
“The drama started when Zahara attacked those who supported Somizi’s decision to storm out of church,” a source said.
“Then, Dumi told her where to get off.”
A second source said Zahara’s attack had centred around people interpreting the Bible to suit themselves.
“She posted that people are busy complaining about the Bible,” the source said.
“Then she said they mustn’t be choosy about their sins, or else they should write their own Bible that will exclude such sins.”
But, according to the source, this assertion annoyed Dumi, who took his “retaliation” to the next level.
He wrote: When you take a break from alcohol and drugs, you decide to come here and get on a high horse. And by high horse, I mean in a drugged state. Uzosinyela ungagezangafirst.Vukaugeze, then ubangeneNot ubangenebeforeugeza.
A source close to Zahara said she was considering legal action against the stylist.
When called for comment, Dumi promised to respond later, but had failed to do so by the time Sunday Sun went to press.
And Zahara was not available to take the SunTeam’s calls.