ON Monday, Lumka Oliphant said: “The minister does not drink.”
Yesterday she said it again: “Akabufuni!”
Oliphant, spokeswoman for Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini, went crazy on Facebook yesterday, defending Dlamini against allegations that she was drunk while speaking to a crowd of supporters over the weekend.
In her Facebook post, which was widely shared before it was deleted, Oliphant wrote: “Yes, she is my boss. I have been quiet because I know myself andiphekekanga ncam.”
She also wrote: “Ndingumntu wetshatshalaza umthetho wam so ndonqena ukuba krwada,” which means, “I don’t mind being confrontational. It’s who I am.”
However, it didn’t end there.
“Above all, allow me to be vulgar. Anyone of you who wishes to use this post for your articles, go the f**k ahead! Yes, the f**k ahead.”
Oliphant again insisted the minister doesn’t drink and that she hates alcohol.
“If it was up to her, South Africa would not be drinking, there would be no advertising.
“Akabufuni. So okukunya nihlala nikuthetha, nikubhala is just that – kukunya!” which means: “She hates alcohol. So this sh*t you keep on writing about her supposedly boozing is just that – sh*t!
“Just know that from today on I have decided to take this alcohol matter to the gutter where you have taken it.
“If you say Bathabile drinks, it is your bitch of a mum that drinks.”
  • Response on social media was instant. Some comments read:
@KatlegoInc: “Oliphant is used to defending crap, that’s what she used to do while she was SA Roadlink spokeswoman.”
@Czwe81: “Oliphant has just committed a cardinal sin with that rant.”
@Unathi_Kwaza: “In the real world Oliphant wouldn’t still be in her job.”
@FreeNapoleonWebster: “No doubt the rant by Oliphant is alchohol induced.”