Popular musician and music boss DJ Tira has lambasted reports that he is jealous of maskandi artist Mroza and told Ukhozi FM to pull out of the artist's celebration party this past weekend.

According to Sunday Sun, DJ Tira was apparently bitter at Mroza's success and told Ukhozi FM management to pull out of the celebration.
"DJ Tira is the problem. He's the one who gave orders to the station's manager to pull out from Mroza's celebration party, which is unfair," said one source.
Another source apparently told the paper that Tira's jealousy stemmed from his desire to be "the only star" to have ever come from their hometown of Kwa-Hlabisa.
"DJ Tira is greedy and it's just a matter of time before people see who he really is. This guy thinks he owns the whole province. He did this because he wants to be the only star to have ever come out of Kwa-Hlabisa," the source said.
The reports angered Tira, who took to Instagram to slam the claims.
"To the person behind these lies, listen to me carefully, you won't win," he wrote.
Tira went on to explain that there was no animosity between him and Mroza and that he hoped to work with the talented maskandi artist in the future.
"It's only a matter of time before I get into studio with my homeboy Mroza. In short, I don't have a problem with (Mroza's record label) Mabala Noise and I will continue working with their artists given an opportunity," Tira wrote.
The Afrotainment boss also congratulated Mroza on his SABC Song of the Year award.
The reported feud between Tira and Mroza was also denied by Mabala Noise, who told TshisaLIVE on Monday that they had always enjoyed a good working relationship with Tira.
"We have had a great relationship with Tira in the past. There is definitely no beef between Tira and Mroza," Mabala Noise spokesperson Tumi Moatshe said.
Tumi went on to explain that the record label would approach the SABC to find out why Ukhozi FM had pulled its support for the celebratory concert, but would not comment further on the event.
Meanwhile, the SABC have denied that Ukhozi FM had agreed to support the show.
"There was no agreement made. We are aware that there was a press statement released last week claiming that the concert would be supported by Ukhozi FM but this is not true and the statement did not come from the SABC," the broadcaster's spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago told TshisaLIVE on Monday.