Stylist and Date My Family participant Mdu Nyoni has finally responded to critics who accused him of embellishing his life story on the show.

Mduduzi became an internet sensation when Twitter users dragged him over his British accent and his "life story".
Memes and hilarious comments flooded the Twitter trends list and led to Mdu deleting his social media pages in response to the mockery he was received.
In two videos‚ posted on YouTube on Tuesday evening‚ Mdu set the record straight on some of these issues.
Speaking to TMG Digital‚ Mdu said his main concern is for his children.
“I've got people claiming I've stolen cars. What right do you have to write [something like that] about someone you've never met before? But I‚ as Mdu‚ will not be backlashed. Whoever wants to find an opportunity to slash can go ahead.
“As long as it doesn't get to my kids‚ then I become protective.”
On the show‚ Mdu said that he has two children but screengrabs‚ allegedly from his social media accounts‚ emerged online after the show aired‚ suggesting he had three children instead.
“My daughter has a sister – an older sister [who is not Mdu's biological child]. She's in high school and I treat her just as my own. I have a son as well‚” he said in his response video.
He said that he had deactivated his social media accounts following the show because his children were being negatively affected.
He also hit back at those who criticised his changing accent‚ saying he was raised by foster parents who spoke with accents‚ after his mother died of cancer.
Mdu's foster parents come from Sussex in England and his brother lives in Leeds.
“I'd like to say to black Twitter‚ wow! The stories that I've read‚ I think we've got great scriptwriters in Mzansi – from allegations‚ to dramatic stuff‚ to 'oh my God' stuff‚” he said.
Mdu further provided context for a number of facts about his life he believed may have been misconstrued by viewers due to the show's editing‚ his business philosophy as well as “a few points on life”.
Influenced by authors like John C Maxwell‚ he offers life lessons in most of his conversations and online. "Everything I post is inspirational‚" he said.
Some of the nuggets of advice given in his video were aimed at the woman he went on a date with on the show:
“To the last girl. They say she dragged Mdu. I wish you guys were there. I wish you guys met this girl.
“I hope this whole chaos creates the right fame for her and she is able to turn that into rands and get herself out of her mother's house and stand on her own two feet‚” he said.
Mdu said he will not be dating in the wake of the show's "chaos" because he is not likely to find someone real.
Instead‚ his priority is settling down and creating a healthy environment for his children‚ which is why he plans to move into a house with a garden in Waterkloof‚ Pretoria.
Watch his full response below.