Must be nice to be a successful rapper like Cassper Nyovest, he gets to be a ‘Moreki’ from January to December and proud of it too. What’s a Moreki you ask?, It’s basically a December blesser. Lol! Watch Cassper Nyovest is still a ‘Moreki’ in January.

Whilst most Morekis are back at work to prepare for the next December, Cassper took to twitter sharing a video of his “friend” Lizelle Thabane feeding him whilst he enjoyed being a Moreki in January.

“When Moreki wants to eat but his hands are occupied!!! If Moreki is still Moreki in January then he’s the ultimate Moreki!!!!,’ he captioned the video. Watch it below.

Whether these two are still just good friends or they are taking their relationship further is still a mystery. But they sure know how to keep these social media streets entertaining ,
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