A man claiming to be a hitman told Bolani that the people she was fighting with wanted her to be taken out in fear of ‘losing a lot’.

Public relations expert Sihle Bolani is fearing for her life after she allegedly received a phone call from a man who claimed to have been hired to “take her out” after her appearance at the South Gauteng High Court on Tuesday.
Bolani had taken the African National Congress to court claiming that the party owed her R2.2 million for the PR work she did during the elections last year. Her urgent application was, however, dismissed with costs.
In a phone conversation she has recorded and is in possession of Daily Sun, the man could reportedly be heard telling Bolani that the people she was fighting with had approached the man, along with his friends, “to take her out” because they might “lose a lot”.
The tabloid further reported that the man suggested that Bolani meet him in a place like a casino, where guns were not allowed, without revealing what the meeting was for. The man reportedly further told Bolani if she was scared to meet him then he would have to step back and allow the plan to go ahead, claiming that his accomplices did not know that he had contacted her.
He told her he was only warning her to get back at the people who hired him, as they had not paid him for a previous job they hired him to do.
She has reportedly opened a case of intimidation.
The ruling party made headlines on Tuesday after reports that the party spent R50 million paying people to disempower the DA and EFF through tactics that would not show any sign of the party’s participation.
However, the party has denied the reports, saying it had always been committed to running “clean” campaigns in all the elections.
“ANC once again reiterates that Ms Sihle Bolani, Messrs Joseph Nkadimeng and Shaka Sisulu et al were not contracted or mandated by the ANC.
“Their activities weren’t sanctioned by ANC, we distance ourselves against any insinuation that such campaign was known to or approved by ANC,” it said.
The DA has since said it was considering taking legal action against the ruling party for the so-called election “Black Ops”.