MASKANDI star, Mroza, allegedly owes his recent fame to a “powerful” inyanga named 3 Seconds.
Sunday Sun understands the Van Damme hitmaker has been frequenting the inyanga from Mhlathuze River in KZN and was taken for a bath in December.
When contacted for comment, a modest 3 Seconds said he just helped where help was needed.
“I recently helped Mroza win Song of the Year,” 3 Seconds said.
But the musician denied the allegations, saying 3 Seconds was his relative.
Mroza said: “I don’t know that, uMkhulu 3 Seconds never took me for a bath in the river.”
But sources alleged Mroza wasn’t the only celeb “blessed” by 3 Seconds.
Legendary maskandi artist Ihashi Elimhlophe and his wife, Ebony, were allegedly the latest to consult him. This after they were seen being baptised at the Mhlathuze River before Christmas.
One eyewitness said: “Whatever they came here for, it’ll work as it’s not only high-profile people who visit 3 Seconds.”
But Ihashi said: “I don’t know that man. I was in Mhlathuze to perform, not for other things.”
3 Seconds said: “Ihashi usually comes by to consult or to visit.”
Ebony said they didn’t consult an inyanga.