UKHOZI FM allegedly dumped Mroza’s big SABC celebration party and left record label Mabala Noise to run it.
Yesterday, singer Mroza Fakude celebrated his SABC Summer Song success with the smash hit, Van Damme.
Sources allege Ukhozi FM pulled out of the gig at the last minute.
Thobela Dlamini of Mabala Noise came in with these angry words: “We at Mabala Noise are happy with Mroza’s achievements, but we don’t accept what Ukhozi FM did toward the celebration, as they decided to pull out from the gig.”
Thobela continued: “But not the whole station is responsible for this mess.
“We blame a group of individuals who are influenced by internal politics. And we’re going to take the matter up with the SABC.”
An insider at Ukhozi told Sunday Sun the station’s decision to pull out had caught staff by surprise.
“We were all looking forward to the event because it was promoted on air and listeners were also excited about it,” the insider said.
“But then we were told the station wouldn’t be part of the event any more. We weren’t given any reasons why this had to happen.
“This decision wasn’t right for the station – or the SABC, for that matter.”
Members of Ukhozi FM’s management team point fingers at Afrotainment, claiming the company’s bitterness was the reason for the cancellation.
One manager, known to Sunday Sun, said: “DJ Tira is the problem. He’s the one who gave orders to the station’s manager to pull out from Mroza’s celebration party, which is unfair.
“The station manager has been giving DJ Tira’s music mileage on air.”
A third source said: “DJ Tira is greedy, and it’s just a matter of time before people see who he really is. This guy thinks he owns the whole province.
“He did this because he wants to be the only star to have ever come out of KwaHlabisa.”
And despite the station’s sudden pull-out, the celebration went well, with cows slaughtered to thank Mroza’s fans – and other maskandi artists who were there to put on a show.
These performers included maskandi legends including Thokozani “Somnandi” Langa, Buselaphi and Bahubhe.
And their sizzling jams kept thousands of partygoers on their feet!
Asked for comment by the SunTeam, SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said: “These allegations are not true. Ukhozi FM has not partnered with anyone for the Song of the Year celebration.”
DJ Tira denied the allegations: “I don’t know anything about M