Tumi Morake says being a career woman, married to a career man, is not as glamorous as it sounds.
“People have this romantic view of how family works and that everything is automatic, but life doesn’t work that way,” said the top comedian.
She told Daily Sun how she juggles her life as a mother and wife.
“We have husbands, careers and kids with ridiculous schedules,” she said.
“My son alone fills up my diary from Monday to Saturday.”
Tumi said when you are busy running around you find that somebody in the family is being neglected, but having a shared calendar with her family helps them make time for each other.
“We are able to see who is doing what and when. It sounds crazy, but we schedule family time, relaxation time and love time.”
Tumi’s advice to those who are chasing their dreams is to surround themselves with people who support them.
“Be hungry for your dream.
“Don’t just want it now, but work to make it everything you want it to be.” Tumi remembers being kicked out of university for not paying her fees but seven years later, she completed her degree.
She came into the industry with only average acting skills but she was willing to work on them and improve herself.
“I pushed hard to overcome my challenges.
“I moved into an Nguni-dominated industry and as a woman I had gigs in clubs at night surrounded by men.
“All this could have put me off but it just made me stronger.”
Tumi said she wants to leave that legacy for her children.
“I want my children to look at their challenges and realise they cannot use excuses.
“They must push!” she said.
“They must be brave and fearless to try anything they want. I want to leave them with the desire to work.
“My kids must be able to look back and say, I did it!”