Samkelo Ndlovu has some strong words about stereotypes surrounding women based on their culture.

The actress' comments were inspired by a post shared online by a follower, which praised Xhosa women as girlfriends.
"Xhosa women are amazing girlfriends. Don't believe all the nonsense you see on social media," read the post.
Samkelo shared the post and weighed-in on stereotypes faced by Xhosa women.
"Tribalism is so outdated. Separating South Africans by their tribes like it's 1948 and they just inflicted the 'group areas act' - but sadly, millennials have found a way of still using it to segregate us," she said.
Samu added that contrary to popular belief, Xhosa women are "quite dope".
"One of those ills is how young men who have been with Xhosa women and lost them speak about us. I nominate this guy to be the receiver of all good things for setting the story straight. Xhosa woman are actually quite dope, contrary to popular belief," she added.
Xhosa women have been stereotyped to be many things including loud, home-wreckers, domineering and gold-diggers.