We've experienced quite a few break-ups in the industry this year, professionally and romantically. Here are some break-ups we did not see coming
Kid X and Nomuzi leaving Cashtime
In March Nomuzi shocked many when she announced that she and Cashtime were going their separate ways, the news was so unexpected considering how well Nomuzi fitted with the all-male crew.
A few months down the line, Kid X also announced his departure from Cashtime, fans and industry peers were shocked at two of it artists leaving the label.
However, the artists and the label made it clear that no love was lost between both parties.

Minnie Dlamini and Soccerzone

In November, Minnie Dlamini's publicists announced that Minnie officially left her job as a co-presenter on SABC 1's Soccerzone.

We guess Minnie needed change and her leaving Soccerzone was the change she needed.

Metro FM and...well...damn near everybody

The radio station has broken ties with a couple of it's radio station personality. Like when Tbo Touch went his separate ways with the station and sent out that resignation letter with his infamous sign of signature...

..Sincerely, Your Boy (Lol!)

But as we all now, he's found a new family on Touch Central.