Born and brought up in Port Elizabeth, the 33-year-old actress also has a talent for numbers
“I wanted to become an accountant,” she tells us. “But the acting bug bit me, so that’s what I pursued.” She’s well aware of the pitfalls of the fickle entertainment industry, but so far so good. “There are times when there are no jobs, but I’ve been lucky enough not to have experienced the misfortunes of not working,” she says.
That doesn’t mean her parents are necessarily happy about her career choice. She says she’s tried to diversify to better her chances of finding employment. “My parents are very concerned about me,” Talitha aits. “They
worry about the longevity of my career, as there are no guarantees in the industry.
“But that’s why I do more than just acting. I also do casting, directing, voiceovers, and I write. These are the other jobs I do to pay my bills.” she said