In a post, which Speedy has since deleted, the former Bongo Maffin musician claimed to know people in the industry who were hooked on drugs and who had since gone broke.
"I know some n*ggas in the game who were once my friends, who are on this sh*t. They got gold plaques on their walls and all the awards but they are dead broke today," he wrote next to a picture of someone snorting cocaine.
Sadly, Speedy didn't spill the tea and give any names.
The outspoken rapper claimed to be "living a much better life than them" but said that they often act as if they are superior.
"It's funny how they have the audacity to act like they are better than me? Like how? Get your life. Say no to drugs," he added.
Of course, this is not the first time that Speedy has lambasted his former friends in the industry.
In October, the star launched a scathing attack on the artists and record labels that he claimed he had helped to make a success, only for them to stab him in the back and treated him like a "phony".
"Then again those same people I've helped and the labels they are signed to don't do shit for them and aren't relevant anymore...but it's none of my business," he added in an Instagram post at the time.