We shared the news with you sometime last year that local thespian Atandwa Kani will be starring in a film alongside American actress, Terri J. Vaughn but what we didn't know was what the movie would be all about. 
Until now....
In a Instagram post that went up last night, Kani shared the film's poster as well as a short synopsis of what 'Love by Chance' will be all about. 
Atandwa and Altovise will play a pair of South African actors who separately go to The States in pursuit of the dream and end up meeting each other for the first time in Hollywood. They then decide to give love a try while navigating the usual challenges. 
We already know that the movie will star Terri Vaughn and be directed by Top Actor SA creator, Samad Davis. 
And what's a South African film without South African talent? Denise Zimba and Nicholas Nkuna will also be part of the cast. In between takes, the cast found time to shoot hilarious videos for us like the one below. 
Or this one... Tjeerrr they had time to play.