Sunday World reported that self proclaimed fitness bunnie Sbahle Mpisane is set to replace Minnie Dlamini as SABC1’s SoccerZone show’s co-presenter. In case you didn’t know the spicy part is both stars are Itu Khune’s exes and Minnie resigned from her duties on the show back in November 2016. Sbahle responds to rumors she’ll replace Minnie on SoccerZone.

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Whilst twitter had a filled day with the story, Sbahle is not having it. Taking to twitter after in response to the article, Sbahle rubbished the news, well kind of. The fitness enthusiast seemed taken by surprise by the front page story.

“A whole front page Kudlaliwe ngani shame!,’ she tweeted. Sbahle also blamed it on people who easily believed the article tweeting, “Ikinga yenu Ukuthi niyaphapha.”

Sbahle says it’s all about selling papers and people should know better. There you have it from the horse’s mouth, Sbahle is not replacing Minnie on Soccerzone.

Meanwhile in Minnie’s world, the newly engaged star seems to be enjoying her time away from spotlight tweeting, “Loving my days of freedom, no obligations, all I get to do is dream.”