RABS VHAFUWI has hung up his headphones, and will record no more albums!

This shock announcement follows his second album Hear Me Out flop, which has sold only 277 copies in the three months since its release.
This left the young producer and DJ heartbroken and torn.
A music industry source said: “Rabs is talented. He’s proven through some of his hit songs, like Daddy Was My Hero from his first album Count Your Blessings and others.
“But the music industry has changed and it’s no longer about making quality music. It’s also about the hype, which can be bad for talented artists who are not hyped up,” said another source.
A third source told Sunday Sun the manner in which the local music industry gatekeeping system is set up creates problems for those not affiliated with a handful of people who have turned the industry into a mafia-style operation.
“It’s either you’re in or you’re out. From music compilers to event promoters and other stakeholders.
“Things are bad, and if we don’t question these things, we’ll only have certain artists always making it over others,” said the industry mole.
Rabs (real name Rabelani Madula) confirmed the bad news to Sunday Sun.
“There are many reasons why I’m throwing in the towel. One of them is lack of support in terms of sales or revenue.
“Also lack of support from radio stations. They seem to have their favourites. And there’s also piracy.
“I don’t think the industry is ready to spend money on the kind of music I produce, as I produce from the heart so that people can experience something unique.”
He said he had many qualifications that were not music-related and that he left the corporate world to pursue music.
Now that it’s not working out, Rabs said his focus would be on his private business ventures.
He said it’s tough living month-to-month and that he had bigger dreams for himself.
The SunTeam called Gallo Record Company senior product manager, Kentridge Tlale, for a comment on Rab’s decision.
Kentridge said: “We will continue promoting his album Hear Me Now until we have agreed on terms with Rabs.
“And we wish him all the best for his future endeavours.”