Triangle With AKA And Zinhle

We thought we would have had to wait for Bonang’s tell all book for her to spare a page where she’d spill all the tea on her controversial relationship with rapper AKA, how it started. Bonang recently told Drum Magazine her side of the story, well at least a portion of it. “People don’t know my side of story,” Bonang on love triangle with AKA and Zinhle.

“Kiernan and I were friends, and we got squished into this unfortunate situation that I still look at and laugh every day because of all the inaccuracies,” Bonang told the mag.

Bonang says she has come out on top in every aspect because of it. “I’m better, stronger, have made more money, am more successful, more famous and have more fans that the people who put me in that situation. And still people don’t know my side of the story,” she said.

Bonang then ended off saying the truth will one day be told.