ROBERT MARAWA and Pearl Thusi are in love.
But Pearl’s father is a very angry man.
Bhekizizwe Thusi, a Durban taxi boss, spoke to the People’s Paper.
Everything looks glitzy for the two love birds.
But Pearl’s dad is reeling with anger and disappointment.
He accuses the Marawa family of
He says they are ignoring the fact that they must pay ilobolo for his daughter.
Bhekizizwe told Sunday Sun: “The Marawa family treats Pearl as their
makoti. But they haven’t united the two families in the traditional way.
“And I’m still waiting for the
Marawas to come for ilobolo negotiations.”
The angry taxi boss told the People’s Paper: “Pearl told me about the
engagement. But she didn’t say when the Marawa family were planning to pay ilobolo for her.
“In my family, ilobolo is paid. And only then can they claim our daughter as their makoti.
“I get the impression this family
undermines me as Pearl’s father,” he said.
But the old man said he’s not
planning to call the Marawa family and ask for ilolobo payment.
“Why should I go to them?”
“They know how we do things as
traditional people. They know they must do the right thing.
“And the Marawas have a background of rural life. They know exactly what they must do.
“Pearl hasn’t said anything to me about the wedding. I don’t know. Maybe, they got married without my
knowledge,” said Bhekizizwe.
He revealed that the Marawa family didn’t inform him about Robert’s father’s death.
“They told me when he was still ill. They even fetched me twice to go and see him in hospital. But they didn’t tell me when he died.
“I only read about his death and
funeral in the newspapers.
“Even my daughter didn’t tell me,” he said.
When the SunTeam asked him how he got on with Pearl, Bhekizizwe said: “I don’t want to talk about it. But I have told myself that I raised her and did everything to my power to make her happy.
“Pearl is old enough to choose what’s right for her. I don’t need her to
provide for me.
“I have a taxi business that is doing very well. I can take care of myself and my family.”
Robert’s mum, Phumlile Zulu, said the family was still mourning the death of Frank Marawa.
“We can’t think of a wedding
anytime soon. We’re still mourning. And I can’t comment on what you’re asking me about,” she said.
Efforts to get comment from both Pearl and Robert were unsuccessful.
They also failed to respond to our SMSes.
Pearl’s manager Sarit Tomlinson of Capacity Relations could not be reached for comment, and she failed to respond to our SMSes and email sent yesterday.