Pastor Mboro has confirmed to TshisaLIVE he has made an offer to the family of gospel singer Lundi Tyamara to pay for him to be moved to a private hospital.

The Pastor visited with the star, who remains in a serious condition in hospital, last week.
Mboro said he was at a restaurant when someone showed him a picture of an ailing Lundi. The image, which went viral on social media shortly after it emerged earlier this month, had his family outraged at the breach of privacy.
Mboro said he immediately made contact with Lundi's manager to offer his prayers and possible financial assistance.
"The manager called and said Lundi agreed but on one condition: I should come alone. When I got in the hospital patients and staff members started asking me to pray for them. Lundi was happy to see me and I prayed for him. He stood up due to the excitement and he was instructed to sit down, but I told them that they should let him exercise his faith."
The controversial pastor said he was not happy with the hospital Lundi is in and offered to take him to a private hospital at his own expense.
"I said the hospital that Lundi was admitted to is not sufficient enough then I offered to take Lundi to a private hospital for admission and to pay for his medication at my own expense."
Mboro told TshisaLIVE that the family said they would consider the offer.
The Mphefumlo Wami hitmaker has been in and out of hospital since December. His management confirmed he was diagnosed with stomach TB and liver problems